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It is steaming pot•The charm of spring
Intelligent automatic lifting steam pot
Steam cooking mode of science and technology innovation
Fashion、Entertainment、Cooking the perfect match
Delicate steam plate,The flavor of the visible
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【The sixth period·Steam cooked tasting】10Kind of steamed,30Steamed dish,23Steam cooked food modes,The beauty of take you deep parsing steamed cook
The world food city shunde sauna dishes all men are mortal
【Fair warning】The fifth guangzhou meet hot pot fishery expo 丨 new species——Small steam shabu-shabu
Guangdong, fujian medical university alumni association meeting in guangdong alumni enterprises artisan headquarters&MAO you flour food
【Good review】The fifth stage·Steam cooked tasting,Double feast of visual and taste
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Rinse out the life good taste,Meet hot pot new species--Artisan steam shabu-shabu

Food column-Gold lotus Jane bone soup

Food column-Ice steaming Bai Bei

Food column-Tin caulis dendrobii pigeon soup

Food column-Fumigation lamb chops

Food column-The devil pepper steamed fish

Customer recognition,stay true to the missio,We have been working on.Hand in hand altogether will create catering legend,Steam advocate new trend
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