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·  Single crystal control furnace thermal field system              ·   Heating element
·  The crucible                                   ·  Fasteners
·  Polycrystalline ingot furnace thermal field system              ·  Guide tube
·  Insulation tube                                ·  Bar/Steel tubes

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Product center

Carbon/Carbon The crucible

Carbon/Carbon diversion tube

Carbon/Carbon insulation tube

Carbon/Carbon heater


The plank


The mold

Carbon/Carbon sealing rings

Carbon/Carbon gasket

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          Hunan kimball carbon co., LTD(简称“Kimball”)Located in yiyang city of hunan province high-tech development zone,Is a collection of production、The project design、Research and development、Sales in the integration of application of carbon fiber carbon/Carbon composite material products production enterprise,For new sources of energy、Powder metallurgy、Machinery in areas such as customer design、In the production of various series of high-performance carbon/Carbon composite material products。The company was founded in2005Years6Month,Department of hunan province and other four departments of high-tech enterprises、The first batch of new industrialization demonstration enterprises in hunan province、Provincial intellectual property advantage to foster enterprise、National torch plan key high-tech enterprise、Hunan new material industry association, deputy director of the unit、《Hunan new material industry revitalization planning》(2009-2011Years)Key support and development of the enterprise。

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Scientific advances in hunan province

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Kimball new shares on the national first batch of specialization“Little giant”Companies list
About hunan kimball carbon co., LTD., the initial public offering and listing announcement counselling for the record
Its labor union“The home of the national model worker”The opening ceremony
Kimball workshop director comrade Huang Ke victory won“May 1 labor medal of hunan province”The title of honor
Kimball won the shares“2017Annual yiyang city labor and social security law-abiding integrity levelAUnit level”The title
Kimball won the shares“2018Little giant enterprise in hunan province”The title
Chen, vice governor of hunan province, a line visit kimball shares work further
The state intellectual property office of the party members、Liao Tao line visit kimball, deputy director of investigations
Insulation tube operation instruction
The diversion tube operation instruction
Crucible operating instructions
Fasteners specification
Carbon/Carbon composite material product design
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Hunan kimball carbon co., LTD


Headquarters:Yiyang city of hunan province high-tech development zone Yingbin road2Number
Zip code:413000
The phone:+86 737-6206166 0737-6202228(Marketing hotline)
Fax:+86 737-6206006

Areas of application

We are the whole product design—The whole industrial chain low-cost preparation——The full set of solutions provider of comprehensive mass rapid delivery

Single crystal furnace thermal field was system area
And reliable·Energy saving·Efficient·In value
Semiconductor field
High purity·And reliable·Energy saving·Efficient
The field of vacuum heat treatment
And reliable·In value·And durable
Custom requirements
And reliable·In value·And durable
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Cooperation customers
Golden concord
Crystal dragon group
Cooperation customers